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Monday, December 14, 2009

first step toward growing Royal of China.

these days in hell. after i bought some grocer and 2 meals, i turned penniless. the high rank in QRRS, my once and long time employer, promised to apply for me some aid from the company, upon i asked his lending of ¥3000, for he honors the same family name, Zhou, as my 3rd wife, my girl Zhou. today likely the 3rd day i live without a coin. lunch and dinner were borrowed, complains turning thick now. and mafia, which thick on this dirty land, smells lure and turns agile. meaningless persons spit me, likes the mouse turn herds and active before earthquake. my blogging also threatened, for i can't find socket to connect to the web. the room i was settled was bare, no cable TV, no adsl. even there i can't find a desk or bench to write on my notebook. there is 3 dorms in the company, my first night after left baby's mother's house was slept in dorm 2, where lan, adsl, cable TV, all equipped, but i was just rearranged to the prison alike room 214 in dorm 3, after the department i once worked brought me together to contact with the administrator of the dorms. the bullhead of the admin defied my request to stay in dorm 2 definitely, flies can darken the sky.
Today its a brilliant day. the sunshine after 2 snow days turns clear and clean, since dawn. i envisaged my finance support from my Empire of China, as well as from Japanese Ministry of Reservation, both bulky and consistent arriving, the world of God's Son never deficit nor arid. dog's interference long time before 2 weeks ago broke through and the channel of resources under my total commanding, also under commanding of my God, my Sun, my Japanese Princess, my Crowned Queen, Masheng. This is my command now. i need living support, including resettlement fund to equip myself new mobile, shaver, white wine, clothing, and all things smoothing my lingering here toward my new marriage around this year end, with my girl Zhou. Masheng sees it, and acts with full author and authority. if Masheng think our marriage ripe, i can live with her, my second wife and Crowned Queen of China, in Japan for some years. I love Japan, that needless to say.

last afternoon i traveled Heaven, with my God, my dearest baby son, and his mother, emakingir. its our first gathering since my step into my growing Royal of China. baby son had several times in weak tone when i buzzed in and talked to him before the event. in the afternoon i see with greatest sure the brightest future of my mission on the earth, my reclaim of my Empire of China, brings definitely perfect solution in the end, with positive echoes all around on the planet. i see definitely the shine of God, in Heaven, in the tiny KFC franchise where my first family treat themselves for the first real name remission from my girl Masheng. life bound with Japan, Taiwan, and the transitional administration of China forged stronger than ever.

Today likely a faultless day. with so many kills at once the offensive. with so many dead to death. i ever eager to look forward the New Year's Day when i will treat baby son, warren zhu, Hope of China, God of Universe, with western style toast in Golden Hans buffet we haunted once. i also looking forward to my 3rd marriage with my girl Zhou appeared so many times in QRRS rush time. i really really can't wait to see all my beloved girls. my new life has to commence in the beginning of 2010.

God, in ur glory and in ur shine, i thank u for such a splendid day today.
From first step toward growing the Royal
From first step toward growing the Royal
From first step toward growing the Royal

for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.
toast for gathering

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