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Thursday, March 5, 2009

3rd snow in Qiqihar, China, in lunar 2009

the 3rd snow in lunar 2009 descending since mid morning, just leaving yesterday's sunshine in the past. last night i tried to post a blog entry i wrote in office before the end of work time, but China surveillance heavily blocking and spying my posting on home pc. so much dirty i guessed in the process, that a snow this morning needed to cover its smelliness. when i left home in the morning, its just dripping, but gradually turned into a strong snow. i felt the threat of spying eyes on home pc upon my web credential, but more felt blessed in the drizzle. i esp. loving the shallow sorrow mood rains bring to me, as a life memory when i grew up in rains plenty central China, where my home town locates.

this morning i continued to post latest blog entry to more channels of my web presence. dirty from the ill persons around constantly challenged me, they r dead in fact. i shot some picture in office, now that i second time brought my camera, a FujiFilm FinePix S2000HD with me at noon, for the snow and my long time dream to everywhere with another eye of witness. i hope u can see the factual snow scene here.

ok, i don't intend to babble more. ema still in bitter with me. i hold no brief for anyone with a profiting eyes upon holy thing. i toward and more and more inward with glory i deserve.

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