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Monday, November 29, 2010

dark days passed, new hope in sunshine.

last weekends we played less pc games, for i too elated in purchase, including blank dvds, mouse&mouse pad, power sock to facilitate baby using pc or desk lamp without messy wires his mom usually ignores. moments with baby all bright, esp before i left him on Sunday 5pm, when i held him in arms&on laptop to watch TV. baby sometimes ate less dinner, &bargain for eating. i hope God not allow him suffer insufficient nutrition.
in the weekends i also saw local mafia members. the bus route me between QRRS dorms&Qiqihar railway station where baby's mom's house locates, namely No. 9 bus, usually jammed like a fish can. on Saturday dusk, just after i join the jammed bus, a young man stood against front door of the bus pushed me&let me here&there to stand, like there is a real rule aboard, but in fact its only message just to reveal his sovereign. them when bus passing some stops, 2 men just loudly quest the passengers if anyone leaving, if not then just passed the stops without porting. when i managed to approach the leaving door of the bus, a man stood against the door heavily profaning a girl, forcing her to browse on her mobile irritatedly. so long time rumor that QRRS&its area infected with mafia likely a fact.
the sermon in local church also less satisfying. the Priest said traveling to other city, a woman looks like his sister offered the preach, which likes other preaches by women i heard there, don't research the bible but just ruling out persuades sometimes commonplace reinforced by excerption from bible. and its point or examples of God's mercy quite trifle. in the night i dreamed of my Taiwan girl passionate&woke up to make water twice. also dreamed baby fell into a tunnel full of water, when we watched workers install pole of power line&electronic equipment. God let me avoid breakfast but joined office directly, where the sin, the monitor, profaned heavily, challenged me by closing office door persistently.
its a bright morning after 2 days snow, the 3rd in winter 2010. God, great bliss ahead let me fly in wonder. God, let my girls join me sooner, in our new families. i need family, as u know. let my business has its stance&boot up. save my works online. sanitize my girls in any situations. God, dad.


sunny days after snow.^since yesterday i enjoy nice service from meebo.com, God saves. these 2 days sees more idle time online, also more time i enjoyed using the office in QRRS alone. in night buzzed baby's mom, who complained a lot about my abusing bonus. I let her shut up&told her unlikely borrow her money any more in the future. in night reviewed how baby love his own mobile with 2 toy cellphones, felt deep sorrow for my ignorance upon his dewy likeness, &decided if financially allows i will buy him a baby mobile phone in coming months. chill in dorm woke me up early 5am last dawn, so i made some changes in room layout against chill near window. this morning i found likely an official spy in dorm peeking my room. God, save my works, bring my girls into my family ahead!


an auspicious day.^yesterday mostly pale, later in afternoon started 3rd snow in winter 2010. got official inform from cashier of the department to fetch bonus of ¥300. there i was even cordially told bonus directly into my bank deposit card is more than ¥1400, while most crew earns ¥2500 or so. so rich meanings in the bulk. the sky likely opener&brighter for me, for I see God's promise that I'm the most informed&decisive versatile. tried meebo's new service. read&tweet. baby's mom also relieved by the good news of long time rumored bonus, while baby busy with animation online&refused to talk to me as usual. i really hope sooner i can treat him a dinner he likes. God, thx for ur gift in time. these days i more&more sensed closer my girl Zhou&our marriage ahead. i know ur arrangement is the best for the Royal of China, my family with my girls&sons. God, help my mother in hometown recover from her dying age, as dad allows. Its a bright morning, God, thx for all beauty in my life.


a day in celebrating.^yesterday finally got family namespace with about.me, a site just roll out off its beta stage. then posted tweet daily. the company, QRRS, dispatched bonus among its staff, the sinful monitor in office avoid informing me, while a tricky female colleague let me know&persuade me to fetch my share on my own, but she is not from official channel, so i did like usual: just waited for formally informed. got a game delayed days from web, so aspiring. left office in time. baby's mom told me my salary just arrived in my bank account, nearly a week passed after i received the salary sheet /invoice. on way left office, doubts of harms by the criminal minded demon in office let me anxious, esp. unease about if they steal my income from QRRS amid, now that i intended to be contacted only by QRRS official. God ceases it as i pray the Majesty not to let anyone on the earth can deteriorate my full responsibility&sight. the full moon especially bright. i know that's all of my Empire of China in God's shine. God, bring me what i deserve. shine ur Son&the Holy with seasonal gift. God, bring me my Royal of China sooner, my girls in our prime time.
PS: bonus arrived. the clerk woman informed me. i got ¥300 cash&¥1400 or so in bank deposit card. with the bonus, i just remit hometown ¥1000 for my duty. bought badly needed teeth brushes&paste, and my favorite drink, tea. Its a pale morning, but God u see, how blessing it can be.


a day sees light.^yesterday mostly busy with posting recent photo for 2nd snow of winter 2010. China surveillance blocked some time, myspace failed my logon strangely many times, but later accept me to post the blog. sins in office again attacked heavily, now that their failure overwhelming&doomed. at noon activated family google apps' new services for small companies with their web domains. after dinner when i roamed outside QRRS Dorms, it turned clear why the monitor so furiously hated me: the sin losing its potency, &in horror of been found of the fact beyond his family! the dirty administrative of the dorms harnessed 4 and more camcorders in the corridor, one of its staff, the only provincial folk from Hubei, a Li, buzzed in at noon, inquiry about espionage software to filter cams' video for non-attendant alarm. so lots of trifle thoughts harassed me when i roamed in night. but after rested in dorm, my joy gathered. buzzed hometown to express thanks, &my offers to support mother's living there, with the rumored bonus. when i went to bed, it turns clearly a blessing day.

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late full moon on dawn sky after 3rd snow in Qiqihar, notheastern China.

baby son, warrenzh, 朱楚甲, watching movie online at home in snowing day.

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