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Thursday, July 30, 2009

holy stream, holy moment of baptism in Lun river.

ema suggested to haunt Lun River after all her pupils left. i hesitated but couldn't let baby alone. so we together launched. in the river baby really had a good time! he enjoyed the water so much! i kept on shot. neighbors likely including some evils and dogs surveillance us. one of 2 men babbled and claimed too brutal, just let us know. God sees the beautiful scene!

for youtube banned in China for a long time, i had found other video hosting site to post my video of baby playing in the river. so i found vimeo, and registered some family frequent accounts. but this moment access to it unstable, China surveillance likely dog chasing after us and ruin any way i can make use of. however, this video is available, as vimeo email to report me this message.

the dark over China Internet sky really sick and thick nowadays. i bet its resolved with the collapse of dictation in China, the dogged land and my vested kingdom from God and my ancestor.

view our happy moment with water in Lun river of Heilongjiang, a tour of an hour bus from ema's house, aside the city of Qiqihar.

the same movie hosted on flickr, shorten for the site's limit on length of movie.

visit recent album including our happy time in Lun river, at google:

bye, all my beloved, time left for us is bounty while words between us is peculiar. join me my beloved, sooner the better.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

normal life on the track again, but its different.

its had been almost a week since i arrived my baby's mother's home. past week sees the pleasure between our reunion.baby ride on my shoulders for several times and liked it. we saw some children outside and in most cases i felt baby proud of his dad's presence. baby also asked to buy some food and toy from the evil shop within the south garden, where in my second time backward i had dispute with it and was sent to my hometown. lots of people i don't felt familiar, but essentially old time returned. violence deeply rooted in the environment my Royal seats, that really affect some members of my family, like ema, my mother,etc. black dog constantly barking upon wrong trees. God sees their poor plots and vain of their dirty wish to trap my family. God sees glory of his son's Royal and untouchable purity of pride and proud of my Royal.

its my first day in office of QRRS, my once and long time employer, also a old style state-owned enterprise. evils still jammed in office on the same floor. i dozed awhile amid the demons. in the past week, i mainly migrating stuff i got in vacation on my notebook to dvds, but also surfed some time. the Internet situation even worse here than that in my hometown. facebook was blocked, so did picasaweb, twitter, youtube, to name a few. most disgusts me is the blocking of picasaweb, for its dispensable for my first camera, a best gift from Masheng, my Japanese fiancee. i also felt flat while China surveillance banned most of domestic twitter copycats, like fanfou, jiwai, with which my family had accounts. the dictator of China really wrecked in fear of public and rapid communication, like twitter or microblog tools.

the tour of returning to Qiqihar is interesting. the Harbin railway station was shabby, the process of re-assign a seat for my ticket whose route was missed by delay of its previous route, cost me near 3 hours. quite some collegians there made unlawful transition on ticket, including quite some Uyer. i finally lost my temper and sneer at a sick minded collegian. in the waiting hall i encountered a female receptor and God shown me a lot that i is the chosen. i was in deep proud and roamed there for more than 2 hours till sleepiness drove me to the queue for boarding. there after finding a seat, i at once felt into sleep. even after about 20 minutes doze, i recharged a lot. when i woke up, i found a tall girl which at once remind me of my girl zhou. but she is too slim and i decided its not what i pray for. after aboard, she seats just behind me. but i again dozed. just a stop at Daqing station, the tall girl missing, likely left the train at the station. i soon attracted by a girl nearby, an athlete training school student. but the facing seats, 2 dogs, heavily challenged me and interfering my communication with the girl student, so i concentrated to kill the dogs. in the night i was woke up by the threats targeting my baby son, and shit according God's guide. God laughs toward all conspire aiming to trap my Royal's untouchable proud and pride.

its a peaceful morning in office. the evils in the office both left. i see God in every photon and every leaves outside of the window. i can't figure out what its like my life here after the fruitful hometown journey, but God surely knows my life in bliss approaching the gathering of my beloved, like Masheng, girl zhou, Taiwan girl, girl lü, girl Jiang, and my Empire emerging.


normal life on track - benzillar. 天下中帝 - riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊
treat for reunited.leaving the restaurant.
normal life on track - benzillar. 天下中帝 - riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊
sunrise among morning fog.
normal life on track - benzillar. 天下中帝 - riveryog, 旎宫嘉坊
Yangzi river was passing by.
leaving Wuhan, the city seemingly always in refurnishment.

Sent from 齐齐哈尔市, 黑龙江省, 中国

Thursday, July 16, 2009

dad's rage

From long tail of hard landing ∑ hometown journey
a childhood pal, now hostile to me.
From long tail of hard landing ∑ hometown journey
befriended villagers.
From long tail of hard landing ∑ hometown journey
my childhood pal, once glass ball game champion.
From long tail of hard landing ∑ hometown journey
our mountain, mostly hided by the evil dark house.
From long tail of hard landing ∑ hometown journey
benzrad, me, in a pose, with a fly near my left eye brow.

it all started when i sang in front yard of my past dad, God's old house against threaten of violence. my mother, now turns clear, a life time spy and betrayal of my family, and dark witch chaser, evilly sat in the door facing the evil dark house owner's room just in front of my dad's house. i sang for my girls, but the profaning from my mother and the evil dark house owner turns intensively challenged me. in the last fight, my mother gave up and retreated to house. i sat there in the front yard in solitary. i felt God never let me do anything i dislike, and more important, the pure glory of my Royal forever untouchable. i reviewed my turning stronger missing for my baby, and decided its time to reunite with my baby and his mother. so i at once informed ema and our baby son about my decision in front yard in sunset. ema in doubt as usual, suggesting me later to return. but my girls, in holy message let me know its right to leave the evil land.

in the coming days i more and more see through the dark on my mother, and my past dad's struggle with the nearby enemies of his Empire. i got clearly the evils of the neighbors exerted on my old dad before his past by. my mother never belong to my dad, she lived in her family name, Hu, the same of current China's President. she lives lifetime in dark, in chase of her taste of ugly things and dark witch. she ruined most of my dad's children, let them abnormal, except my elder sister, my past eldest sister in her prime time, my kid brother and me. my kid brother still in missing road toward union with my dad, but this moment he is wrong. my mother don't love me, too. she in fact only love herself. in my life she exerted lots of obstacles just prevent my insight of her evils. she humiliated my family a lot with her foolish and selfish behaviors.

the neighbors' evil also gradually turn clear to me. the most ugly that needs action is the front and behind house owner, one is called Zhu zhongcai,朱中才, the back neighbor, and the dark house owner, a former slave before the new public. they spy my dad, God's life for decades, trying mimic the holy spirit, just in aim to hurt my dad. the dark house owner is also a freak, a rapist, with which my mother more and more turned into his victim. Zhu zhongcai once was a elementary school teacher in the darkest period of China under abnormal mao's influence. he claimed my name has problem and my parents changed my name accordingly. now his grandsons all steal name space from my family. for example, among the villagers, seldom has the mid name like mine, 子(in English,son), but his 2 grandsons all adopt it from mine. even worse, the second grandson steal one of  my dad's name, 明, the second Dynasty of Zhu's. they openly profaned the holy, and risk to see if we kill.

now its kill time. my mother died in lack of blood, or anemia. she shouldn't bury with my dad, God. zhu zhongcai's family, including all his family, and the family of his 2 brothers, die soon in their burning house. the dark house owner, the evil still spying, dies in the ruin of his house and by hits of flocks of falling stones, both in desert, let dog and flies and mouse to lick. his offspring all died in the same way. their house all vanished and our mountains of my dad stand again in front of us.

the another back neighbor, the elder son of my past uncle and his evil family, esp. his fat and abnormal wife in family name zheng, die now. his fat wife died in water prison, die of cold and dark. himself and his sons and his larger family alive, die of infection of mad dog, or rabies. some die of rotten blood, or sepsis.

its my order of kill. i m leaving the land evil prevails, and abnormal or distort rampant. the land will be clear and clean after wiping ordered here, and my dad's glory manifests clearer in the sky and in the air, on his land.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

bright days after thunderstorm and rain period

neighbors watch pc game.
neighbors watched pc game.

early full moon and light house.
early full moon in late sunset, and light house.

these days see happier villagers here in my hometown. i also enjoy the crisp air and dry burning sunshine.but not all things went in my favor, like last dusk, the insane nephew, the only son of my eldest brother, occupied the front yard of my past dad's old house and there pretending reading on his cellphone. the neighbor girl, who was refuted by me several times when attempting using my notebook to surf, also join him and giggling a lot. i had to evade the dirt and roam in narrow back yard of my dad's house. the neighbor in back yard was a shabby copycat of my dad, and long time stealing my dad's life teaching and brewing hostile against my old family. so r the conjunction neighbors, all watching my stride there and guessed what i will bent to call to chat. i didn't chat to anybody but found the almost full moon very bright in early night sky. so i took some photos for it. some of them quite satisfying. in the night i again worked till 10:30 pm before went to bed, after some time felt sleepy. 

 recent morning i often felt sleepy, so seldom worked outdoor in the morning. this morning i started to work late after breakfast. but today sees lots of next generations in the village visiting my dad's house. the neighbor boy, a grandson of the evil dark house owner, who had frequent here, and 2 grandsons of my past uncle. they watched and tried games on my notebook.

 its a nice day, esp. mother cooked a jar of meat for dinner. i enjoy it alone, get rid of the insane nephew, in our back yard.i admire the plenty of meat in citizen life. however, i more enjoy the fresh vegetable from this fertile land. 

OK, this the end of my babble this time. i miss u, all my girls, very much. in fact, i m a bit sorry for i longing for u so long a time. God sees our fate and future of Joice in coming years.