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Monday, November 30, 2009

  • 11:20 [GReader Share]3DVIA Virtools DEV v5 - ISO | 1.43GB - j.mp/8tBVp7 #
  • 17:23 [GReader Share]Open as in water, the fluid necessary for life - j.mp/4OKxXq #
  • 18:29 [GReader Share]Follow Friday Trends: How Twitter Lists are Changing #FollowFriday - j.mp/5V9YCr #
  • 18:56 [GReader Share]安全eD2k服务器列表 2009-11-28 - j.mp/8oSAXg #
  • 18:57 [GReader Share]快速下載與轉檔 YouTube HD 高畫質影片的兩個簡單方法 - j.mp/4uX7BF #
  • 19:37 [GReader Share]科学松鼠会科普书推荐项目第二期榜单(排名不分先后) - j.mp/4UqWFZ #
  • 20:55 read most of the day. read most time. dozed after noon in cold&boring. baby watched animation online. #
  • 08:38 dream of war. dreamed of hometown&mother. then in a war field. 2 enemy tanks approached us while we resting. my ca.. htxt.it/l/N50TWd #
  • 09:09 [GReader Share]又一开源Twitter程序 - j.mp/7r80ND #
  • 09:15 [GReader Share]Look Up Words as You Compose - j.mp/50Qa15 #
  • 09:17 [GReader Share]SeeTheStats.com 可以让你的 Google Analytics 统计结果公开显示 - j.mp/5FlMA1 #
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

  • 18:08 sorted os. showered. baby played pc game with his cousin visiting for English tutorial. i resorted os till felt se.. htxt.it/l/uxuPEg #
  • 18:31 [GReader Share]Google Chrome OS 问题解答(1) - j.mp/5bOZWS #
  • 19:54 [GReader Share]自行反编译破解 Opera Mini 国际版,跳出中国大陆怪圈 - j.mp/7KsM1K #
  • 20:03 [GReader Share]搭建第三方 Twitter 客户端完全教程 - j.mp/71Gw2F #
  • 20:05 [GReader Share]生活在墙内 - j.mp/8Ov7Wx #
  • 20:09 [GReader Share]深入理解GFW:DNS污染 - j.mp/8bEgmZ #
  • 20:37 read in night, against an evil boy student some time. tried&read online. baby want to watch animation but the TV s.. htxt.it/l/Iz1D60 #
  • 08:00 dream of hooligans. dreamed of won awards of 3 notebooks, including a small one which likes a tablet. dreamed queu.. htxt.it/l/yZ0cmu #
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

  • 11:40 [GReader Share]中移动神州行易被盗号 任何人都可挂失补办 - j.mp/8OkkVs #
  • 16:35 help ema fix her courseware. read in the morning while baby son watched animation online. backup some stuff to dvd.. htxt.it/l/jUkOfB #
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Friday, November 27, 2009

  • 08:47 felt blessed. yesterday felt greatly blessed&bought baby 4 KFC food. ema cooked tasty food. all night busy helping.. htxt.it/l/d4D8Pm #
  • 10:34 [GReader Share]全能 Google 服务提醒软件,GoogSysTray - j.mp/7PDejs #
  • 10:34 [GReader Share]用 SearchWiki 提升排名的搜索结果将自动出现在 Google Bookmarks 里 - j.mp/7sPBvI #
  • 10:50 [GReader Share]10 Alternatives To Mininova - j.mp/84uo6G #
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

  • 14:35 fine tuned cross-posting among linkedin, twitter, posterous, etc. last night dreamed a lot, but all forgot after g.. htxt.it/l/jROoIf #
  • 18:29 [GReader Share]Acrylic – 缓存 DNS 的解析 | 小众软件 > 网络工具 - j.mp/5ibM8x #
  • 20:59 can't wait for new life. rest with watching Korea TV series while let d/l. bewildering for the coming new life let.. htxt.it/l/PwG1ps #
  • 08:08 dreamed of southern Ming Emperor. it snown last night. in dawn dreamed building new house in hometown. i emphersis.. htxt.it/l/eVdfdB #
  • 09:48 [GReader Share]Chrome 扩展:天气预报 - j.mp/6yTJkg #
  • 09:48 [GReader Share]Google Profiles 现在可以作为 OpenID 使用了 - j.mp/4FaDJE #
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

  • 14:55 sorted stuff&checked posting,esp. map&knol. sorted files&portable. saluted to my girl in rush time of QRRS. sang i.. htxt.it/l/2XGvnG #
  • 16:22 [GReader Share]Google 收购 Teracent,让广告图片的显示更智能 - j.mp/72vkGj #
  • 16:24 [GReader Share]可以在真正电脑上用优盘启动的 Chromium OS 来啦 - j.mp/4OfNK3 #
  • 18:09 [GReader Share]《财经》不能不说_CCTV.com_中国中央电视台 - j.mp/7280kl #
  • 18:24 [GReader Share]免费经济学 - j.mp/7qjyqp #
  • 18:33 [GReader Share]猪各个部位哪里去了:子弹、面包和啤酒_环球科学(《科学美国人》中文版) - j.mp/5CqLO2 #
  • 19:51 [GReader Share]世界最壮观海蚀拱 - j.mp/5gp7To #
  • 20:25 [GReader Share]关于死去的OperaMini(国际版)以及操蛋的CCAV - j.mp/6Rgqx5 #
  • 20:40 [GReader Share]低薪是中国的比较优势吗? - j.mp/4B286u #
  • 21:02 read. taught baby against his mom's refusal t o status quo. rest some time at home after returned. baby shown conte.. htxt.it/l/xaeLqB #
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

  • 16:23 my first western style dinner: family haunted Golden Hans buffet. post.ly/DEAf #
  • 18:35 sorted&post photos&blog. sorted photos in office. publish them to my web albums&missing saluting to my girl in QRR.. htxt.it/l/WrMnEb #
  • 20:07 [GReader Share]超级电驴 MLDonkey 3.0.1 已发布 - j.mp/4Ozx1j #
  • 21:15 gamed most night. gamed and read awhile. a dog, an evil boy student of ema biting in the house. later tried new games. #
  • 09:34 dream of passed dad's task. got up with ema&baby son,but sleepy so doze d again. dreamed of passed dad, God of univ.. htxt.it/l/EMK8Ox #
  • 10:03 [GReader Share]使用U盘启动在任意机器上运行Chrome OS - j.mp/7JxfWN #
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Monday, November 23, 2009

my first western style dinner: family haunted Golden Hans buffet.

life span and rhythm likely speedier and more frequent when its near year's end. today i here wrote my 3rd post within weeks about my life, to accompany family recent photos shot when we dine out in a buffet. ema and I scheduled it for months, back to when i got a bonus of ¥100 from QRRS, likely for the International Journalist Day, for I once worked as crew of the cable TV branch of the company. baby just recovered from his recent heat, likely God just let him staying home to prevent the evil grandma to steal my inner clothes. He got heat in Thursday night, then stayed home for 2 days otherwise should join his kindergarten till weekend. in the Saturday dawn, i dreamed of my girl Zhou visited me, just when the evil grandma's dirty cold lingered on me in half-woke. I then had a good time with my girl Zhou, i search on the web for so long, till dawn light baptised me. then i got up earlier than usual, and be the first got up among family members, to busy on my cyberspace business. baby son while woke up urinated in quilt, first time he does and let his mom in fuss. its a special moment for me, for its my first time meeting my beloved in semi-consciousness and made love. but i didn't wet myself for we, my Royal of China, never home-stay in profaned situation.

in the buffet, i treated myself lots of coffee, after enough meat. its also my first time dining in western style, ie, with fork, knife, and spoon. i quite enjoy it. when i went to fetch my favorite food, i mistakenly took a plate to load some porridge, i at once was remind of the hard time in western history movie when people ate soup from sallow dish. ema correct my mistake. i later ate lots of porridge in cups. that's really delicious. amid the dinner, ema complained my full and no appetite to later dishes, i reviewed the buffet, and imaging the open kitchen of google. SIGH, when google's office kitchen can prevail the world likes its better than free services! when working people enjoy open and free buffet like free communication in air or on land or online, like freedom of speech, just for we r citizen of the earth!!!

this week more balanced. after settled family google voice and wave accounts, i enjoy more leisure time to read technical news via my subscriptions. google's chrome os no doubt let me in wonder. i wouldn't hesitate a second if its available for me to replace windows. i really hated the fragile security of windows, and everywhere spying or hacking behaviors in the world, esp. the dogs dominating China.

Today is again a bright day, i enjoy the warmth and brilliant sun ray since the morning. in dawn, those domestic sites blocking my posting last night turns speedy now, i too busy with posting history items to complain how many of my life wasted among lagging surf and filtered or invisibly delayed or banned posting, which turns in these months more rampant than ever. i had times told my baby son, the Hope of China and God of universe, the China authority dying in fear, and our Empire merging in dawn light from God's shine against clearer western background as basement and ground works. and time for my reunification with my beloved, my girls, turning cloudless clear.

From Family Haunted GoldenHans Buffet

baby son, warren zhu, enjoy his buffet.

From Family Haunted GoldenHans Buffet

benzrad, me, suggest a toast with baby son.

From Life as it extends

family gathering: baby and me.

for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.
toast for gathering
Album: Being in Journey
proud dad and independent son.

more details on my posterous gallery:

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  • 13:05 [GReader Share]Chromium OS 安装教程 - j.mp/4EgW4e #
  • 15:40 [GReader Share]中国特色 - j.mp/hCfYv #
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  • 16:39 [GReader Share]四款 Twitter 在线备份工具 - j.mp/4n1J6s #
  • 17:13 benzrad blog life of anxiousless. got hea t again last night. [Flickr]: benzillar posted a photo: since last time ... bit.ly/7Vi82v #
  • 18:02 @loudtweeter glad now enjoy ur service. #
  • 20:35 refined family main google profiles, adding domestic web presence. read&gamed, including tried new got game "call .. htxt.it/l/UkWiTW #
  • 07:47 dreamed of Russian&Muslim. first dreamed of a big woman. then found hunted by crowd of Muslim, was beaten&burned, .. htxt.it/l/XGUDiR #
  • 08:47 [GReader Share]eMule v0.49c X-Mod 和 Lite SSE2优化版 - j.mp/6KkTxe #
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Monday, November 16, 2009

the second snow in Qiqihar, life river floats.

this is a unexpected post, for latest post just days ago. however, baby recently had a haircut and a bath, which delayed 2 weeks for his heat, too wonderful to miss, just amid the second snow of 2009 in this eccentric northeastern China city.

this week i finally got my google wave, a powerful real time collaborative online publish tool. there r already bulks of talk about the breakthrough the google new service brought, but in my view, its a kind of tool let everyone readily and easily setup a personal forum or chatroom. its really helpful, esp. for a Chinese, who is used to limit their opinions or intimacy within small private groups or forums. that's why in China forum ran so long and still a main social media for most of Chinese Internet users. the freak of China authority also likes to see the limited spread of information as well as public opinions, felt safe trapped them in forums which mostly close and membership required to join communications there. the most popular instant message tool, QQ, also set many limits one can own a group, and the size of the group, and needless to say the backend harsh keywork censorship and event logging for the police.

its a long time when i waiting for my google wave, but its too soon to see it grows into ripe. the speed of communication on Internet likely turns more concurrent, google wave surely shown the trend, but still its public page/url based allow more solitary and worthwhile consolidation of knowledge and its improvements. looking into its future, i really feel quite bright. it rightly paves the gap between blog and instant message, results into a moderner publication media.

last week is a more or less miserable week, for i in 2 or 3 days busy in office, where the shit monitor absent for his father-in-law bought a new house, and took him there to help decoration, so the corporate lan wire he occupied can be adopted by me. so i missed waiting and saluting to the tall girl likely newly employed by QRRS, my once and long time employer. the weather also pale, let me felt gloomy. but now, the second snow surely kills, kills the evil and destroys the spies and surveillance cast over me and my Royal of China. i hope i led to the girl steadily, and God grant my beloved sooner joining my new life in this year end.

baby son these days tentatively increases threshold to bail me from approaching or kissing him, who likely contented or was encouraged to show contented with affection from his mother and his mother's family. his mother, emakingir, indeed very cheap, tries all means to cater to baby son's sometimes unreasonable dependence, to smother him in her poison love soups. that's all her and her family's plot to evil convert my baby son into their heir. God sees what a laugh it can be.

last night i taught baby and his mom another lesson, when ema clanged to a hot TV series nowadays on CCTV, the monopoly domestic media, that China nowadays' authority, CCP, mainly got their fortune from being a soldier, so long history of the republic bragging worker, including soldier, and defames scientists as a group. but the world of citizen all animals, none left in the end of their lives, except scientists and knowledge they gathered. baby first refused to sleep alone me, amid his parents, but later did after quite some silent moment echoing my powerful comment.

OK, its time to bid farewell. my dear girls, Masheng, zhou, Taiwan girl, Lü and Jiang, i badly need ur love in this boring season. my road here seemingly leading me toward the girl in my once work unit, but my eyes wide open, my palace spaciously empty for u. i wide and bewilderingly searching u from the vast starry sky. closer to me, my God, my beloved!

From baby son's haircut&bath

playful baby on the snow heap.

From baby son's haircut&bath

baby rest amid the haircut.

From baby son's haircut&bath

DON'T itch me: baby in bath.

for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.

with my toys: baby in bath.
messy hair ends: baby having haircut. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bright days, new life pending.

these days mostly sunny days, with warm air and enlightening sun ray. this week i enjoyed my working space a lot: with twitter updates in view, and instant message of most accounts ready at fingertip. what's most exciting, i got google voice for 3 family google accounts, in the cheat of American user. even now i don't have a single friend outside of inland, i still felt quite contented with the powerful tool google offers. i in view the day China united with the freedom world in borderless clearly. i envision China can be a interesting and respectable partner of the fruitful Christian culture.

also we got quite some social sites interwoven. i finished the needed authentication to let post to my facebook, twitter via 3rd part tools, like seesmic or brizzly, both too nice to miss. i see its quite right to make full use of this kind of posting against spying eye from day to day harsh China surveillance. the world of cyberspace merging into coherence while China authority tries all its means to separate China from the world democracy, Chinese to global citizen.

this week we less gamed, for after experience so many breathtaking large games, baby son and me both loathed to try less interesting games, or small games. but a recent release, "De blob", attracted him 2 nights. he gamed it alone. we also picked his favorite game, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls", we made progress in once dead lock in another large game.

its a peaceful warm winter afternoon now. i didn't saw the tall girl in QRRS for 2 days, in the rush time of QRRS, my once and long time employer, a state-owned enterprise. last time when i shown my salute from my office window, she abrupt cut way to the other side of the road just under my window with her female companion. i see its a signal of her loath of waiting and being watched. the coming 2 days i busy in office, missing the rush time people's flow outside of the lane. i really don't intend to do anything, i trust God to bring me my beloved. and by the way, now i want to attend my baby till he grows 8 years on the earth. on the other side, i would never miss a chance to live in the harmony with my girl, in warmth of new life.

its work time now. dogs around biting heavily as usual. the day before yesterday i decided to give up the inspire upon a cute girl in the community of 139.com, a affiliate of the monopoly of Chinamobile. i got holy message that the name is complicated for me, for my longing for sanity and dewy, longing of pure girl. i see ever brighter future of my love.

bye for now, all my beloved. i pray u r in right mood and feeling love of the blessed, love of peace. winter coming, chill gathering, but lasting is the saint and pure light heart.

From Life as it extends

the road every day baby son, warren zhu, took the bus to his kindergarten. the far end is railway telcom.

From Life as it extends

the best beloved, warren zhu, hope of China and God of universe, in fighting game, in his mom's house, with his new pants.

From Life as it extends

sunset, tower, and ravens' gathering in early winter in Qiqhar.

new moon appears early in early winter dusk.
baby son, warren zhu, hope of China, in his fighting game, with his favorite new pants. 

more of scene of early winter in Qiqihar, northeastern China: