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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

murmur&mandate in transit life.

dreamed a lot.^last night thought some time on bed before fell into sleep. dreamed of family, hometown folks, colleagues, alumni. also dreamed of many places. dreamed in my palace with a servant eat cookies for VIPs. got up urined then dozed till after 9am. in office dealt my GAE, with the forum's author's new direction, finished most apps&new forums' setup. my girl zhou first time holding a man's arms to urge me act. felt cold upon the changes. roamed around the front area of QRRS, first don't want to meet my girl, then God let me don't lose passion, so try to follow her, but don't find her in the rush float of QRRS staff. reviewed my situation in dorm, tried to contact the high rank in QRRS, a Zhou, twice for invoice the love between my girl&me, but can't connect neither his office nor home phone. God, help my girl zhou killing dirts around her, killing dogs blocking between us, not matter cops or mafia. Royal of China, in my title, forever sane, saint&untouchable beautiful. my new life with my girl zhou should descends in the beginning of 2010. God, reinforce me with love&do right immediate, blow away hatred&dark the evil try their best to horse me down.

my girl zhou turns playful.^dreamed of easy sex among my senior middle school alumni. fight for pure love&its sex. dreamed in dawn some ants eating bees, breaking their shells. dozed again after washed head. in office restored os. read awhile ebook on axis of evil: communism left in the world, among biting from facing dog. its a bright morning. greet my girl in rush time, she first time shown her proactive guesture after passed over my office. roamed some time to avoid dirty dog on facing desk. read awhile before return to dorm. immersed in an ebook on cyber war in dorm, till tired&dozed. felt lucky again upon my coming family with my girl zhou. waited her after dinner&follow her till cross road. praying God i can live with her sooner, i really love her, her figure this time i closely perceived. review my love for girl zhou after returned dorm&pray God let me in Heaven with a new family with my girl zhou sooner. buzzed baby's mother about dining out agenda, then roamed outside. met cop on the way. the evil plots detaining me in asylum or prison. bought 2 eggs&ate.

dreamed of sex with my girl zhou.^last night enjoyed music a lot. in dawn dreamed in my palace sex with my girl zhou, my other wives, one is likely Masheng, my second wife from Japan, and my baby son, also present. then dreamed a guy in the contest of driving electronic game, but his game controller bad, so i lent him my mouse or cellphone to control. bought socks&inner pants. continued to fix down forum of be21zh.org, failed again. try to contact the app's author. after lunch debug the app again in dorm till it works. returned to office to update the app online but it strangely don't work online. the facing dog soon visit office&stayed there all time when i busy debugging. at first the gay biting heavily, after i dealt with email from the author of the app, biting turns down. the dinner tasteless. in dorm gloomy attacted me. felt lonely. listen music in night. do personal care.

got up after 9am. dozed again till seeing bright sunshine outside. roamed some time outside. listen music&reveiw my love after lunch, dozed again for boring. doubting if QRRS reschedules so visit office. found office empty while neighbor depart all on duty. launched to fix my forum at http://forum.be21zh.org, where a wrongly created forum let homepage broken. posted daily tweet, failed fix the app&gave up till after 5pm. continued fix it in dorm by setup GAE&succeeded. reviewed my love in music. the half full moon clearly&serenely glows in mid sky.

the 5th snow, a heavy snow.^last night slept later in high mood. a bit restless on bed&fell into sleep lately. this morning woke up after 9:30am. dreamed of my wedding ceremony, but i seemingly not happy like should be, also don't familiar with my wife&peek her privately. dreamed Chinese force squad, ie. army&police, practised (cyberspace) dealing hajack in a large office tower, likely CCTV, herds of police equipped with pistols or guns, but just wait&track the man kidnapped a someone, in the countless rooms&corridors&stairs. its likely also an electronic war, for in the dream i strongly dispised the vomitting defensive attitude on Internet China sinful authority nowadays adopted. in office published recent photos with a blog entry expressing. greet my girl zhou, who walked alone under my office to assure me our saint private connection exists anytime&everytime, against in yesterday's rush time evil arranged trifle persons' attempting to mess up. busy with refined my forum, one of my google app engines, at http://forum.be21zh.org, in the afternoon, fine tuned page's template, correct google friend connect due to url remapping. the department gathered for lunch out, let me alone in office. the facing dog second day in serial lingered in office&darting poisons even in his vacation. it snows all day&covered ground thick. roamed outside the dorms area after 7pm, picked the crowd in the local church, where hosting a singing&dancing party for Jesus, almost wept with a song when review my love&missing for God&my girls, esp. girl zhou, who is praying for our fruit of love so sincerely. reviewed my love for baby son, God of Universe, and my girl zhou, my heart harden with blesses that our deep harmony in our coming marriage seeds more.

dreamed of George H. W. Bush.^last night dreamed with bless in songs. dreamed my elder brother. killing a tortoise by cutting its head twice with blade釬 when it stick out. look into the possible evil in elder brother's. dreamed in dawn accompanying George H. W. Bush in his election team. bush is a kind&easy man with lots of original ideas, while his wife manages lots of things. later seemingly i was in my own election team. got up lately near 9am. felt glad so many lucky things in my life ahead&can't help count days in exciting, like Spring festival in eyes of a child. read in office in the morning, saluted my girl in bright sunshine. busy with refining family 163 blogs, built groups within each family member's account, ie. IIDChina, faezrland, emagarten, warranzh. sorted stuff got from web&portable. got a bonus of ¥200 for the New Year's Day from QRRS. treat baby son&his mom with fried lamb leg as scheduled, such a great moment with baby son, never words can express the elation. snows killing since i ruturned to the dorm. i felt so contented, Dad, God. i finally got my white wine after waited for so many days. God blessed the world of good, as all sees, esp. those homeless and live poor, live them with hope&surprise, as i can do it myself.

dreamed of love. life in our own rhythm in central China on agenda.^last night went to bed on time for too eager for Thursday when i will treat baby son&his mom in nearby restaurant with fried lamb leg. in dawn dreamed of circus, my elder sister&2 kid brother(i had only one kid brother in fact. in dream the kid brother help to perform is a tall young man, likely the actor in recent Korea TV series in CCTV1) help. i urged to treat animals with kindness forever. its atmosphere is happy and love, seemingly my marriage is to forged&relatives all looking forward it. then dreamed in drama, ema's relative, a tall female, appears in it. its really a loving&touching night, for in dreams all emotion floats loves&best wishes. got up earlier, before 7:30am, too exciting these days for my new life ahead.
in office read feeds. then claimed family namespace with free first level domain in .tk. sorted bookmarks&portable. met my girl once, but for busy with the domain felt at a loss more or less when saluting my girl after passions last night. after dinner met my girl again near the front door of QRRS. trifle persons still puffing sands amid us, but i see clear my girl with me like a bud, a slim&tall bud with dews from Heaven on it, leaving me in our vested valley alone pursue her wind, color, dance, and perfume. God, i forever cherish my girl zhou's lean soul&cordiality in the life we bound since love dents our hearts. dogs in the dorm i now linger brought thick dirts, and foully smessy, but God see my girls' intact, in my title. arranged tomorrow's treat with baby&his mom. roamed again around, God let me arrange my new life after married my girl zhou, i definitely longing the strong sunshine in my hometown. and i missing my kid brother, who still fighting a rootless living in southern China with his family, very much. i would buy he&his family a new house in the county, Wuxue, or help he settle down in the city with a business, according his long time wish. i would like buy a new house in the small county city with my own family, too, enjoy the sunshine and clear seaons with plenty rains&thunderstorms. i also need refurnish house of my passed dad, God, Founder of new Empire of China, in the blessed mountain village, Zhudajiu.

dreams. joyful moment with my girl zhou.^last night went to bed earlier, just around 9pm. dreamed with some aged researching sand&underground water. dreamed on Lushang廬山, Jianxi Prov., China, likely with my spouse, on a bridge. research its missing lakes, villa of Jiangjieshi蔣介石 there, etc. those days also doubting where is my girl Lü, whose neaty&independent enchanted me a lot when she came over to emakingir's house for tutorial, and fight with ema for her hope to marry me&succeeded. she is my first wife that arrives later. her brewing of loving me for years in loneliness while so young wins respects from all my wives. posting tweet in office, refined geotagged photos. read within greader since then. my girl zhou again affirmed our love&her being blessed. gays in the office building, esp. the fake ganster who in fact a thin lamb or lame duck in neighbor room tried to dirt. snowing likely gathering to kill tonight. after dinner roamed&ran into rush time of QRRS, but don't see my girl in the crowd. the early serene moon and white snowflakes falling all around really too beautiful. especially felt auspicious tonight, which snowing. Masheng, closer to me&let's enjoy family life earlier, let it starts with my new life in the beginning of 2010, if u r ready. promised me never leave me alone in ur soul nor physically. i love u&thankful, God sees. i wouldn't let u alone care our first son, my second son, nor with our other 2 sons when we both in mid age&thanksful&perceptive, years only adds wise&lean soul, no change in ur forever young beauty. just coming into my reach. and BTW, how is u now with baby son, warrenzh, Hope of China, God of Universe? this night we stay together, and should so forever.
all night listening music, and retrospect my love.

dreamed of hometown.^last night the corridor's lamps all can't light up. strange persons&sounds in the dark floor. in dawn dreamed returning to hometown, where hosts celebrating banquet for me. dreamed of shitting. posted recent photos&refined my google maps, posted recent lengthy tweets to blogs. seeing my girl zhou's encourages for me in rush time, really inspiring! read feed&tried some tips in it. baby's mom buzzed in at noon, i persuade her not to come over to hand in momey for my life settled well&she accepted. reviewed my love history&deeply touched by the being blessed. God, sees me&my prayer.

dreamed of baby son.^late sleep. dreamed of freaky hooligans, who kidnapped travelers in Shangdong by pretending railway station staff. the victims in heavy rains forced to believe in the freaks. baby son in later dream&signed me to notice spies outside of the door. for sunshine really bright so haunted around&shot some photo for QRRS' stylish buildings, sorted them after returned dorm. dozed after lunch, dreamed of almost sex with baby's mother, but stopped by spying eyes. then dreamed of God, my dad, asked him to save my girl, girl zhou or ema. all night staying room reveiwing my situation.

sound sleep.^last night first time changed my dose&it worked well. i got up till 10:30am. dozed again after lunch, dreamed of gain large fortune&met my sister in hometown. dreamed chosen to act as referee in sports game&trained in contest. all afternoon in dozed. roamed around the dorm area after dinner&felt misery in chill of wind. stay in dorm all night, nor buzz baby to avoid freaky surveillance.

Dad's memory day.^Today is the day dad pasted me for 3 years. last night i check my site for him. dreamed preparing English exam. in dawn dreamed help my once dempartment before it broke into now 2 parts designing its magzine. dreamed sorting porn video disks. last night slept soon$sound. since last night i had comsumed all of one kind of pills, only left another pills for my dose. its a brilliant morning. in office clear recent feeds of google services update&IT news. tried lots of chrome extensions. sorted portable suite with updates esp. those extensions. my girl missing in rush time. the department director told me aid from QRRS amounts to ¥500&coming later. haunted community free cafe again. the only pc installed deepfreeze software left to me, strangely unlike other pcs in China nowadays Internet cafe, don't auto restore on power on. heavily been hacked, ie. remotely controlled. check my google maps&other family sites. buzzed baby's mom&refused her suggestion to take over my old medcines there. let baby son known his grandpa's anniversary&he nodded it. reviewed for 2 hours after return dorm the evil China surveillance&dogs cast on me&shocked. killing all the old dirty stuff on this freaky land is badly needed for a new China.

dreamed of infant baby son.^last night It started to snow to kill dirts. tried again posting daily tweet in unsafe cafe, by posting to my forum at http://forum.be21zh.org ,where allows posting anonymously&denying delete. met the canteen's owner&talked about my blessed fate&my new wife. a male dog there heavily profaned. slept later for preparing feeds reader for mobile environment. dogs' biting let me restlessly awhile. dreamed hometown gathering, where a once neighbor wife chatted with me. got up&dozed again. dreamed in dawn baby son when he is infant. heartbroken love for him for he is so little&young. regret since last night for i talked to his mom 2 days but didn't call him. regret turns strong&buzzed ema&baby when they visit clinic to fix baby's pested teech but unable to talk for noise there. the monitor told me the facing guy these days in his vacation. so i can adopt the lan wire he previously occupied. all afternoon then stay online to prepare mobile working space, ie. portable chrome with my bookmarks, my subscription reader, backup them to web drive&online office. also posted delayed tweets&calendar events. surfed in community free cafe after buzzed baby son. dogs in China surveillance hacked me face by face, using batch to xcopy my portable suite after i plug my udisk, deleted my browser's personal settings seconds after i unpacked it to hard disk from my udisk, all this likely just shown their spying tools' power, for the long history of tracking my web traffic got them most of my confidentials, with which I also do my best to set them open&universal accessible. google China also shown my web id listed in filtered contents. when i left, snow killing as it did last night.

updated my status in turbulence. dreamed join American army in US.^China surveillance upon me turns freaky. the office dogs seated just after i arrived. i at once tried to use the monitor's corporate lan to update my twitter, but soon broke twice for the leaving and returning monitor, who later made lots of complains that after my unplug his lan wire, he can't reconnect to the web after rejoin the lan. God sees how the demon tentatively made the unusual problem happen on his pc (it never happen on my notebook). busy with finishing scheduled task, including creating a new flick group for my namespace, IIDChina, so missed saluting to my girl Zhou in QRRS rush time, but caught her in the rush time of beginning of afternoon. she walked alone the other lane, showing reservation on me. God, i never want conflicts in my rest marriages. i deserves peace and deep harmony between my partners and me from now on, for ur glory uncomparable on the earth.
dined early to prepare to salute my girl zhou, but dogs plotting to trap me in sexual infamous. so sheered back to dorm. haunted awhile the community free cafe. baby's mother, emakingir, asked me to help refined her course demo's video.
dreamed joined American army with a brother or pal. on the train or queue toward frontline. and life after retired, with my family, likely including my wife and son in US.
refined portable suite. the department director invited to talk, urging me now first receive my old family's aid before the applied aid from QRRS arrive. reveals as i talk my girl appears in QRRS rush time&my treating the high rank of QRRS, a Zhou, whom i asked to borrow ¥3000 the day i rejoin QRRS' dorm, as my father-in-law. reveals i was basically a Christian. idle all time in office. ema later told me in phone she got her edited video. review my being blessed in dorm alone.

post recent blog. first time met my girl zhou on the ground.^Its a brilliant day. post blog wrote yesterday in office in a breeze, with all photos from our treat in KFC Tiedong franchise. in dorm review my love with girl Masheng, zhou, the Taiwan girl. dined near QRRS' over time then roamed alone its main road, met girl Zhou just under my office, follow her and her pals till she departed all&enter the lane she likely residents. praying God not a too embarrassing nor zigzag course before we got wired under a same roof. God, i totally under her charm, and got me her arms around me the sooner the better. watched Yangge collective dance after dinner on the square of QRRS, its beauty grasped me at once. female's tendering touch me in any vein or visional method when i was stopped. woke up early, about 5am, dreamed in a camp with a mother, likely girl Zhou, with her daughter. i was with my baby son. we tried to correct our babies.

reveiw my pastime with Masheng in music of Daolang.^most day idle. trying to use the community free cafe but sucked by the stupid&evil door keeper woman. dozed for more than 1 hours after noon as last weekend, then wrote a blog about my ordain. review my love&those pecular moments with Masheng in Nankai Univ when i there persue a master degree, with touching music by Daolang刀郎, a western China muscian. tried again to use community cafe, but found dogs surveillance me on every presence, and plotted detailedly to defame me in losing. God shown me every device&trap. killing dog is the persistant job for my family&I should never forget it.

tried to make use of community free Internet cafe to prepare posting photos but failed.^last day busy with preparing a portable suite to work on free Internet hub within QRRS dorms, where all pc heavily infected with malware&spyware. tried it after dinner, almost succeeded but backup data wrongly so most works lost. dreamed war fire and holy message that with endurance&persistence all things&disconfort runs straight. later dreamed caring baby son, urging him to put on shoes to leave, but he playful till his mom arriving. we watched an aged practising calligraphy, which likes dao道 (means way in English) but with differences.

posted a blog with photo for 4th snow&Masheng's descending last afternoon.^shot snow scene on way to office. Its likely the thickest snow of 2009. posted these photos with a blog entry to my blogs. ema came over to settle bank stuff, ie. destroy my old salary account, deposit for baby monthly. for clerk said now an account with 2 withdraw methods (a card&a book) not supported, i gave up holding the credit card&left it baby's mother. such a maverallous time in KFC franchise. lots of shots. first time i bought family suite of fried chiecken. check posting in night in dorms open cafe. this morning dreamed of fans of popstar, like Korean or Chinese, like Guohan郭韓. we with their agency in a room underground. also fight with some kids likely including the baby girl in KFC franchise yesterday. preparing portable suite now for mobile working space. dozed first time on bed after noon, dreamed a kid girl accompany me for a long time in tunnel. my second baby would be a daughter with girl Zhou. my 3rd son is one of the fruits with the Taiwan girl, in my 4th marriage which forged for us by my dad himself.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Xmas!

last night slept later in high mood. a bit restless on bed&fell into lately. this morning woke up after 9:30am. dreamed of my wedding ceremony, but i seemingly not happy like should be, also don't familiar with my wife&peek her privately. dreamed Chinese force squad, ie. army&police, practised (cyberspace) dealing hajack in a large office tower, likely CCTV, herds of police equipped with pistols or guns, but just wait&track the man kidnapped a someone, in the countless rooms&corridors&stairs. its likely also an electronic war, for in the dream i strongly dispised the vomitting defensive attitude on Internet China sinful authority nowadays adopted .

its a lucky morning. even the facing dog haunted office and dirt with smoke again, i got my photo upload quick. now the department went to dine together, i just see my girl zhou in QRRS rush time. nothing can be better. in days i will get my cellphone. my life surely steers into ever-brighter.

last but nonthelest, Happy xmas everyone! my beloved, happy new life in ur eyes!

From the 5th snow on Eve
From the 5th snow on Eve
From the 5th snow on Eve

for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.
toast for gathering

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

such a great acclaim!!! forever google!

We believe in the power of information to do good. We believe that open is the only way for this to have the broadest impact for the most people. We are technology optimists who trust that the chaos of open benefits everyone. We will fight to promote it every chance we get.

Open will win. It will win on the Internet and will then cascade across many walks of life: The future of government is transparency. The future of commerce is information symmetry. The future of culture is freedom. The future of science and medicine is collaboration. The future of entertainment is participation. Each of these futures depends on an open Internet.

 never can stop the freedom, freedom of God. never an article more power-persuading than this article from google staff.

Sent from Qiqihar, Heilongjiang, China

Saturday, December 19, 2009

  • 12:09 [GReader Share]Second Life 官方也许会进驻 Google Wave - j.mp/8pFOFK #
  • 12:09 [GReader Share]Google Wave 小技巧:帮助你设置只读 wave 的机器人 - j.mp/8LVKUx #
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  • 13:32 [GReader Share]Eric Schmidt "要想人不知除非己莫为"的言论激起民愤,Mozilla 号召大家用 Bing - j.mp/90XDZT #
  • 13:39 [GReader Share]两个 Google 出品的 Chrome 扩展:Quick Scroll 和 BlogThis - j.mp/55m9Qr #
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Friday, December 18, 2009

  • 13:00 updated my status in turbulence. dreamed join American army in US. China surveillance upon me turns freaky. the of.. htxt.it/l/2b66Y4 #
  • 13:01 dreamed of infant baby son. last night It started to snow to kill dirts. tried again posting daily tweet in unsafe.. htxt.it/l/bUbhm6 #
  • 13:07 trap to breakthrough post.ly/FJmL #
  • 13:12 my lingering place now. trap sees plot. i need more time to think big&dealt important affairs, but i at least need.. htxt.it/l/MFHaIQ #
  • 09:58 dre amed of infant baby son. last night It started to snow to kill dirts. tried again posting daily tweet in unsafe.. htxt.it/l/IOEkQp #
  • 10:18 Dad's anniversary. Today is the day dad pasted me for 3 years. last night i check my site for him. dreamed prepari.. htxt.it/l/q6ZzEM #
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

  • 09:14 post recent blog. first time met my girl zhou on the ground. Its a brilliant day. post blog wrote yesterday in off.. htxt.it/l/ZQa36B #
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Monday, December 14, 2009

  • 10:13 first step toward growing Royal of China. post.ly/F0Rz #
  • 10:17 posted a blog with photo for 4th snow&Masheng's descending last afternoon. shot snow scene on way to office. Its l.. htxt.it/l/OXkFIP #
  • 10:18 reveiw my pastime with Masheng in music of Daolang. most day idle. trying to use the community free cafe but sucke.. htxt.it/l/ZkSkeP #
  • 10:18 tried to make use of community free Internet cafe to prepare posting photos but failed. last day busy with prepari.. htxt.it/l/LM79sL #
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first step toward growing Royal of China.

these days in hell. after i bought some grocer and 2 meals, i turned penniless. the high rank in QRRS, my once and long time employer, promised to apply for me some aid from the company, upon i asked his lending of ¥3000, for he honors the same family name, Zhou, as my 3rd wife, my girl Zhou. today likely the 3rd day i live without a coin. lunch and dinner were borrowed, complains turning thick now. and mafia, which thick on this dirty land, smells lure and turns agile. meaningless persons spit me, likes the mouse turn herds and active before earthquake. my blogging also threatened, for i can't find socket to connect to the web. the room i was settled was bare, no cable TV, no adsl. even there i can't find a desk or bench to write on my notebook. there is 3 dorms in the company, my first night after left baby's mother's house was slept in dorm 2, where lan, adsl, cable TV, all equipped, but i was just rearranged to the prison alike room 214 in dorm 3, after the department i once worked brought me together to contact with the administrator of the dorms. the bullhead of the admin defied my request to stay in dorm 2 definitely, flies can darken the sky.
Today its a brilliant day. the sunshine after 2 snow days turns clear and clean, since dawn. i envisaged my finance support from my Empire of China, as well as from Japanese Ministry of Reservation, both bulky and consistent arriving, the world of God's Son never deficit nor arid. dog's interference long time before 2 weeks ago broke through and the channel of resources under my total commanding, also under commanding of my God, my Sun, my Japanese Princess, my Crowned Queen, Masheng. This is my command now. i need living support, including resettlement fund to equip myself new mobile, shaver, white wine, clothing, and all things smoothing my lingering here toward my new marriage around this year end, with my girl Zhou. Masheng sees it, and acts with full author and authority. if Masheng think our marriage ripe, i can live with her, my second wife and Crowned Queen of China, in Japan for some years. I love Japan, that needless to say.

last afternoon i traveled Heaven, with my God, my dearest baby son, and his mother, emakingir. its our first gathering since my step into my growing Royal of China. baby son had several times in weak tone when i buzzed in and talked to him before the event. in the afternoon i see with greatest sure the brightest future of my mission on the earth, my reclaim of my Empire of China, brings definitely perfect solution in the end, with positive echoes all around on the planet. i see definitely the shine of God, in Heaven, in the tiny KFC franchise where my first family treat themselves for the first real name remission from my girl Masheng. life bound with Japan, Taiwan, and the transitional administration of China forged stronger than ever.

Today likely a faultless day. with so many kills at once the offensive. with so many dead to death. i ever eager to look forward the New Year's Day when i will treat baby son, warren zhu, Hope of China, God of Universe, with western style toast in Golden Hans buffet we haunted once. i also looking forward to my 3rd marriage with my girl Zhou appeared so many times in QRRS rush time. i really really can't wait to see all my beloved girls. my new life has to commence in the beginning of 2010.

God, in ur glory and in ur shine, i thank u for such a splendid day today.
From first step toward growing the Royal
From first step toward growing the Royal
From first step toward growing the Royal

for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.
toast for gathering

Saturday, December 12, 2009

  • 13:19 4th snow of 2009, reunited with Masheng and our family. post.ly/Ejl2 #
  • 13:23 benzrad blog 4th snow of 2009, reunited with Masheng and our family.: these days i saw my new marriage closer to ... bit.ly/6Fc70q #
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Friday, December 11, 2009

4th snow of 2009, reunited with Masheng and our family.

these days i saw my new marriage closer to my new life, with my girl Zhou i searched in cyberspace for so many years now appears in my once working unit. but my eyes always open for my second wife, my Japanese princess, my God and my Sun, my breeze and my own exact. now i sensed my crowned Queen, my girl accompany me emotionally longest since our firt gathering in Nankai Univ back to 1999 or so. its a tie since our ancestor, as to me, since my past dad, and since my grand ancestor, the Emperor and Founder of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang. Its a tie forwarding to the future of the two nations, facing to the future of global climax, and global of tribal and race, global of God.

Its also an emotional moment with our love and beloved, esp. our baby son, warrenzh, who is so cute and countless profound, who is so fragile in his temper, and so brilliant in his beams. most of most, now he under his 2 mothers' attending, and never a motherhood can compare to Masheng's care and love. i pray God not too soon to let baby son picks his agenda or task list. the world of God too perfect to improve, he but should be more enduring, more resilient, and more hard and long lives in far less perfect worldly routines like his grandpa and his father, benzrad, me. we had to be the last, to save or to check out.

this afternoon, a normal weekend, we will see our baby son in KFC, baby's favorite. i will reinforced by baby's beam. God, never a treasure can compare to my baby son's laugh, never a redemption can return the worth of my God, my dad's humor in lighthearted. God, let my baby see my new life with more freedom and pleasure! that's sure ur glory prevailing. Masheng, live with me now, from now and forever!!

From 4th snow of 2009, Masheng reunites with me&our family
From 4th snow of 2009, Masheng reunites with me&our family
for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.

the oldtime icon: workers' palace of QRRS.
my office and its open space. 

  • 12:06 dreamed of house building by my elder brother(s) in hometown. told baby his Japanese mother offers him ¥2000 aft.. htxt.it/l/UfXI13 #
  • 11:00 dreamed of match game. the 4th snow of 2009 since last night. It still snowing since last night, likely snow on gr.. htxt.it/l/NiEpak #
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

  • 12:30 watched Korea TV series in dorm's TV room. settled in dorm 2, room 105. idle in office, reviewing my situation. la.. htxt.it/l/rKE5Qv #
  • 12:31 dream of google. dreamed working in google, trying to fix my adword, by push a ball which frequently catched by br.. htxt.it/l/7g8rwL #
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

  • 13:46 prepare new life. got up earlier after baby&his mom left. brought notebook&mobile's sim card left to office with m.. htxt.it/l/hcZ8h9 #
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

  • 15:38 post recent photos. sorted stuff awhile in office. then post recent photos to picasa&panoramio. fine tune my html .. htxt.it/l/8dBuXr #
  • 19:58 baby continued to play his penis&burst out. ema brought baby haunted KFC&returned after 5pm. ema cooked me needle .. htxt.it/l/V6w9Ii #
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Monday, December 7, 2009

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

  • 13:49 [GReader Share]可可: RT @wangpei: 《读报有感》上海拆迁造繁荣,重庆山河一片红,乌市不闻域外事,中华内网将落成。 - j.mp/8RrMQm #
  • 14:28 [GReader Share]Your site's performance in Webmaster Tools - j.mp/58tbij #
  • 16:40 [GReader Share]Google Chrome中文名征集即将开始 - j.mp/7IaQWK #
  • 20:44 read. taught baby a lesson. read most of time, except gamed awhile on "modern war 2" with baby. baby played pc gam.. htxt.it/l/UQuN0k #
  • 10:11 bri ght morning sunshine. last night later on bed, explained to baby why he shouldn't dabble sex behavior early, an.. htxt.it/l/GruL92 #
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

  • 15:17 saint day. it snowed last night but stopped in morning. saluted to my girl zhou in rush time of QRRS, but missed h.. htxt.it/l/nQmz5t #
  • 21:19 [GReader Share]卫片看地球:11月 - j.mp/7qTFV0 #
  • 21:28 [GReader Share]五毛范文 - j.mp/5MR44p shits from the start. #
  • 21:41 read all night. read most of night. watched TV before the evil grandma left. baby son watched Japanese animation a.. htxt.it/l/IP0oOZ #
  • 08:32 dream of killing snakes. dream of gathering with my borthers& ;sisters. designed robot to kill lots of snakes in a t.. htxt.it/l/Q9AQ48 #
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Friday, December 4, 2009

  • 15:16 read another ebook about Taiwan democracy process. blessed in Holy message. read after got up. sort stuff in offic.. htxt.it/l/m8R5OW #
  • 20:26 [GReader Share]The Human's Guide to Running Google Chrome OS [Chrome Os] - j.mp/64wrr1 #
  • 20:37 [GReader Share]Google and Twitter Hook Up On 9 Million Sites - j.mp/6KBX7W #
  • 20:39 [GReader Share]AWESOME: Artist Reimagines Twitter Bird Avatar [PICS] - j.mp/6bucOX #
  • 20:51 read all night. read awhile after arrived home. watched Korea animation. ba by enjoyed KFC food i bought. dined ear.. htxt.it/l/pfph0Q #
  • 08:14 [GReader Share]Google 谈免费公共 DNS 服务器:一切为了速度 - j.mp/8DLTcc #
  • 08:24 google open dns server post.ly/E4pM #
  • 09:19 [GReader Share]Introducing Google Public DNS - j.mp/4NjnAb #
  • 09:36 [GReader Share]Introducing Google Public DNS: A new DNS resolver from Google - j.mp/8XS5QC #
  • 10:05 check my cyber brand via google. reactiva ted my orkut with help from Taiwanese friend. read since got up. google m.. htxt.it/l/N57jlE #
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

  • 15:32 review&pick an ebook now. read since got up. in office sorted stuff awhile. my girl Zhou's appearance warmed me a .. htxt.it/l/1PAH2u #
  • 20:22 [GReader Share]可以替代Microsoft Office Word的工具 - j.mp/7g74A8 #
  • 21:05 read all night. got revenge from baby son or evil over him. read after returning home. watched Korea TV series. ba.. htxt.it/l/P3KBwi #
  • 08:32 dreamed of barrack&herds of bugs. dreamed visiting barracks twice, to send a message. gays in barracks tried to hi.. htxt.it/l/a1lRjk #
  • 09:23 [GReader Share]Twitter创始人二十问 答案均不超过140个字符 - j.mp/4vobZ9 #
  • 10:06 [GReader Share]Zoho 宣布与 Google Docs 全面整合 - j.mp/58ocOF #
  • 10:07 [GReader Share]Google Docs 与 Google Checkout 整合,直接用表格建立你的在线商店 - j.mp/5MGXzP #
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

  • 14:18 read while d/l. sorted stuff in office. girl zhou playfully evade me. read since got up while d/l. sorted stuff in.. htxt.it/l/6V3Hjd #
  • 18:50 benzrad blog Links for 2009-11-27 [Digg]: In The Age Of Realtime, Twitter Is Walter Cronkite The year is 1963. Itâ.. bit.ly/8MPw6J #
  • 20:47 [GReader Share]可翻墙版operamini下载+OPM代理服务器设置傻瓜型全攻略 - j.mp/7xMhjE #
  • 20:47 [GReader Share]Metrist : Chrome 下的 Twitter 扩展 - j.mp/4NY8xR #
  • 21:07 read most of the night. read after returned home. watched Korea TV series when it airs on CCTV1 while let pc d/l. .. htxt.it/l/udasIq #
  • 09:41 [GReader Share]一场事先张扬的击毙嫌疑人事件 - j.mp/81pDWu #
  • 09:41 [GReader Share]iPhone与iPod Touch中使用SSH与PAC代理上网 - j.mp/7hledZ #
  • 10:02 [GReader Share]Great 10 Fast free web Proxies - 2nd December 2009 - j.mp/4ZYw6U #
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

  • 14:13 sorted stuff. the woman on 4th floor passed by. read after got up. ghost haunted my mind when strange sound in wai.. htxt.it/l/j6N0ci #
  • 14:13 sorted stuff. the woman on 4th floor passed by. #
  • 08:18 worked on ema's courseware lately near 12am. baby watched animation in night. urged ema to check her courseware, t.. htxt.it/l/CI2iwM #
  • 09:13 [GReader Share]iClippy – 在线的图片剪贴板 | 小众软件 &gt; 在线应用 - j.mp/4nebmL #
  • 09:30 [GReader Share]成功安装 Chromium OS 到硬盘上 - j.mp/6Ptte4 #
  • 09:34 [GReader Share]Chromium OS 优盘启动版减肥!1G优盘就够用了 - j.mp/5bXS7v #
  • 10:08 [GReader Share]Browsera Simultaneously Tests Your Site In Different Browsers [Web Browsers] - j.mp/6RNU0q #
  • 10:08 [GReader Share]CanYouSeeMe.org Checks for Open Ports Behind Firewalls [Internet] - j.mp/837pHd #
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Monday, November 30, 2009

  • 11:20 [GReader Share]3DVIA Virtools DEV v5 - ISO | 1.43GB - j.mp/8tBVp7 #
  • 17:23 [GReader Share]Open as in water, the fluid necessary for life - j.mp/4OKxXq #
  • 18:29 [GReader Share]Follow Friday Trends: How Twitter Lists are Changing #FollowFriday - j.mp/5V9YCr #
  • 18:56 [GReader Share]安全eD2k服务器列表 2009-11-28 - j.mp/8oSAXg #
  • 18:57 [GReader Share]快速下載與轉檔 YouTube HD 高畫質影片的兩個簡單方法 - j.mp/4uX7BF #
  • 19:37 [GReader Share]科学松鼠会科普书推荐项目第二期榜单(排名不分先后) - j.mp/4UqWFZ #
  • 20:55 read most of the day. read most time. dozed after noon in cold&boring. baby watched animation online. #
  • 08:38 dream of war. dreamed of hometown&mother. then in a war field. 2 enemy tanks approached us while we resting. my ca.. htxt.it/l/N50TWd #
  • 09:09 [GReader Share]又一开源Twitter程序 - j.mp/7r80ND #
  • 09:15 [GReader Share]Look Up Words as You Compose - j.mp/50Qa15 #
  • 09:17 [GReader Share]SeeTheStats.com 可以让你的 Google Analytics 统计结果公开显示 - j.mp/5FlMA1 #
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

  • 18:08 sorted os. showered. baby played pc game with his cousin visiting for English tutorial. i resorted os till felt se.. htxt.it/l/uxuPEg #
  • 18:31 [GReader Share]Google Chrome OS 问题解答(1) - j.mp/5bOZWS #
  • 19:54 [GReader Share]自行反编译破解 Opera Mini 国际版,跳出中国大陆怪圈 - j.mp/7KsM1K #
  • 20:03 [GReader Share]搭建第三方 Twitter 客户端完全教程 - j.mp/71Gw2F #
  • 20:05 [GReader Share]生活在墙内 - j.mp/8Ov7Wx #
  • 20:09 [GReader Share]深入理解GFW:DNS污染 - j.mp/8bEgmZ #
  • 20:37 read in night, against an evil boy student some time. tried&read online. baby want to watch animation but the TV s.. htxt.it/l/Iz1D60 #
  • 08:00 dream of hooligans. dreamed of won awards of 3 notebooks, including a small one which likes a tablet. dreamed queu.. htxt.it/l/yZ0cmu #
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

  • 11:40 [GReader Share]中移动神州行易被盗号 任何人都可挂失补办 - j.mp/8OkkVs #
  • 16:35 help ema fix her courseware. read in the morning while baby son watched animation online. backup some stuff to dvd.. htxt.it/l/jUkOfB #
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Friday, November 27, 2009

  • 08:47 felt blessed. yesterday felt greatly blessed&bought baby 4 KFC food. ema cooked tasty food. all night busy helping.. htxt.it/l/d4D8Pm #
  • 10:34 [GReader Share]全能 Google 服务提醒软件,GoogSysTray - j.mp/7PDejs #
  • 10:34 [GReader Share]用 SearchWiki 提升排名的搜索结果将自动出现在 Google Bookmarks 里 - j.mp/7sPBvI #
  • 10:50 [GReader Share]10 Alternatives To Mininova - j.mp/84uo6G #
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

  • 14:35 fine tuned cross-posting among linkedin, twitter, posterous, etc. last night dreamed a lot, but all forgot after g.. htxt.it/l/jROoIf #
  • 18:29 [GReader Share]Acrylic – 缓存 DNS 的解析 | 小众软件 &gt; 网络工具 - j.mp/5ibM8x #
  • 20:59 can't wait for new life. rest with watching Korea TV series while let d/l. bewildering for the coming new life let.. htxt.it/l/PwG1ps #
  • 08:08 dreamed of southern Ming Emperor. it snown last night. in dawn dreamed building new house in hometown. i emphersis.. htxt.it/l/eVdfdB #
  • 09:48 [GReader Share]Chrome 扩展:天气预报 - j.mp/6yTJkg #
  • 09:48 [GReader Share]Google Profiles 现在可以作为 OpenID 使用了 - j.mp/4FaDJE #
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

  • 14:55 sorted stuff&checked posting,esp. map&knol. sorted files&portable. saluted to my girl in rush time of QRRS. sang i.. htxt.it/l/2XGvnG #
  • 16:22 [GReader Share]Google 收购 Teracent,让广告图片的显示更智能 - j.mp/72vkGj #
  • 16:24 [GReader Share]可以在真正电脑上用优盘启动的 Chromium OS 来啦 - j.mp/4OfNK3 #
  • 18:09 [GReader Share]《财经》不能不说_CCTV.com_中国中央电视台 - j.mp/7280kl #
  • 18:24 [GReader Share]免费经济学 - j.mp/7qjyqp #
  • 18:33 [GReader Share]猪各个部位哪里去了:子弹、面包和啤酒_环球科学(《科学美国人》中文版) - j.mp/5CqLO2 #
  • 19:51 [GReader Share]世界最壮观海蚀拱 - j.mp/5gp7To #
  • 20:25 [GReader Share]关于死去的OperaMini(国际版)以及操蛋的CCAV - j.mp/6Rgqx5 #
  • 20:40 [GReader Share]低薪是中国的比较优势吗? - j.mp/4B286u #
  • 21:02 read. taught baby against his mom's refusal t o status quo. rest some time at home after returned. baby shown conte.. htxt.it/l/xaeLqB #
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

  • 16:23 my first western style dinner: family haunted Golden Hans buffet. post.ly/DEAf #
  • 18:35 sorted&post photos&blog. sorted photos in office. publish them to my web albums&missing saluting to my girl in QRR.. htxt.it/l/WrMnEb #
  • 20:07 [GReader Share]超级电驴 MLDonkey 3.0.1 已发布 - j.mp/4Ozx1j #
  • 21:15 gamed most night. gamed and read awhile. a dog, an evil boy student of ema biting in the house. later tried new games. #
  • 09:34 dream of passed dad's task. got up with ema&baby son,but sleepy so doze d again. dreamed of passed dad, God of univ.. htxt.it/l/EMK8Ox #
  • 10:03 [GReader Share]使用U盘启动在任意机器上运行Chrome OS - j.mp/7JxfWN #
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Monday, November 23, 2009

my first western style dinner: family haunted Golden Hans buffet.

life span and rhythm likely speedier and more frequent when its near year's end. today i here wrote my 3rd post within weeks about my life, to accompany family recent photos shot when we dine out in a buffet. ema and I scheduled it for months, back to when i got a bonus of ¥100 from QRRS, likely for the International Journalist Day, for I once worked as crew of the cable TV branch of the company. baby just recovered from his recent heat, likely God just let him staying home to prevent the evil grandma to steal my inner clothes. He got heat in Thursday night, then stayed home for 2 days otherwise should join his kindergarten till weekend. in the Saturday dawn, i dreamed of my girl Zhou visited me, just when the evil grandma's dirty cold lingered on me in half-woke. I then had a good time with my girl Zhou, i search on the web for so long, till dawn light baptised me. then i got up earlier than usual, and be the first got up among family members, to busy on my cyberspace business. baby son while woke up urinated in quilt, first time he does and let his mom in fuss. its a special moment for me, for its my first time meeting my beloved in semi-consciousness and made love. but i didn't wet myself for we, my Royal of China, never home-stay in profaned situation.

in the buffet, i treated myself lots of coffee, after enough meat. its also my first time dining in western style, ie, with fork, knife, and spoon. i quite enjoy it. when i went to fetch my favorite food, i mistakenly took a plate to load some porridge, i at once was remind of the hard time in western history movie when people ate soup from sallow dish. ema correct my mistake. i later ate lots of porridge in cups. that's really delicious. amid the dinner, ema complained my full and no appetite to later dishes, i reviewed the buffet, and imaging the open kitchen of google. SIGH, when google's office kitchen can prevail the world likes its better than free services! when working people enjoy open and free buffet like free communication in air or on land or online, like freedom of speech, just for we r citizen of the earth!!!

this week more balanced. after settled family google voice and wave accounts, i enjoy more leisure time to read technical news via my subscriptions. google's chrome os no doubt let me in wonder. i wouldn't hesitate a second if its available for me to replace windows. i really hated the fragile security of windows, and everywhere spying or hacking behaviors in the world, esp. the dogs dominating China.

Today is again a bright day, i enjoy the warmth and brilliant sun ray since the morning. in dawn, those domestic sites blocking my posting last night turns speedy now, i too busy with posting history items to complain how many of my life wasted among lagging surf and filtered or invisibly delayed or banned posting, which turns in these months more rampant than ever. i had times told my baby son, the Hope of China and God of universe, the China authority dying in fear, and our Empire merging in dawn light from God's shine against clearer western background as basement and ground works. and time for my reunification with my beloved, my girls, turning cloudless clear.

From Family Haunted GoldenHans Buffet

baby son, warren zhu, enjoy his buffet.

From Family Haunted GoldenHans Buffet

benzrad, me, suggest a toast with baby son.

From Life as it extends

family gathering: baby and me.

for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.
toast for gathering
Album: Being in Journey
proud dad and independent son.

more details on my posterous gallery:

  • 11:38 [GReader Share]iGoogle Gadget Dashboard 发布, - j.mp/6Fstbd #
  • 13:05 [GReader Share]Chromium OS 安装教程 - j.mp/4EgW4e #
  • 15:40 [GReader Share]中国特色 - j.mp/hCfYv #
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  • 16:39 [GReader Share]四款 Twitter 在线备份工具 - j.mp/4n1J6s #
  • 17:13 benzrad blog life of anxiousless. got hea t again last night. [Flickr]: benzillar posted a photo: since last time ... bit.ly/7Vi82v #
  • 18:02 @loudtweeter glad now enjoy ur service. #
  • 20:35 refined family main google profiles, adding domestic web presence. read&gamed, including tried new got game "call .. htxt.it/l/UkWiTW #
  • 07:47 dreamed of Russian&Muslim. first dreamed of a big woman. then found hunted by crowd of Muslim, was beaten&burned, .. htxt.it/l/XGUDiR #
  • 08:47 [GReader Share]eMule v0.49c X-Mod 和 Lite SSE2优化版 - j.mp/6KkTxe #
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Monday, November 16, 2009

the second snow in Qiqihar, life river floats.

this is a unexpected post, for latest post just days ago. however, baby recently had a haircut and a bath, which delayed 2 weeks for his heat, too wonderful to miss, just amid the second snow of 2009 in this eccentric northeastern China city.

this week i finally got my google wave, a powerful real time collaborative online publish tool. there r already bulks of talk about the breakthrough the google new service brought, but in my view, its a kind of tool let everyone readily and easily setup a personal forum or chatroom. its really helpful, esp. for a Chinese, who is used to limit their opinions or intimacy within small private groups or forums. that's why in China forum ran so long and still a main social media for most of Chinese Internet users. the freak of China authority also likes to see the limited spread of information as well as public opinions, felt safe trapped them in forums which mostly close and membership required to join communications there. the most popular instant message tool, QQ, also set many limits one can own a group, and the size of the group, and needless to say the backend harsh keywork censorship and event logging for the police.

its a long time when i waiting for my google wave, but its too soon to see it grows into ripe. the speed of communication on Internet likely turns more concurrent, google wave surely shown the trend, but still its public page/url based allow more solitary and worthwhile consolidation of knowledge and its improvements. looking into its future, i really feel quite bright. it rightly paves the gap between blog and instant message, results into a moderner publication media.

last week is a more or less miserable week, for i in 2 or 3 days busy in office, where the shit monitor absent for his father-in-law bought a new house, and took him there to help decoration, so the corporate lan wire he occupied can be adopted by me. so i missed waiting and saluting to the tall girl likely newly employed by QRRS, my once and long time employer. the weather also pale, let me felt gloomy. but now, the second snow surely kills, kills the evil and destroys the spies and surveillance cast over me and my Royal of China. i hope i led to the girl steadily, and God grant my beloved sooner joining my new life in this year end.

baby son these days tentatively increases threshold to bail me from approaching or kissing him, who likely contented or was encouraged to show contented with affection from his mother and his mother's family. his mother, emakingir, indeed very cheap, tries all means to cater to baby son's sometimes unreasonable dependence, to smother him in her poison love soups. that's all her and her family's plot to evil convert my baby son into their heir. God sees what a laugh it can be.

last night i taught baby and his mom another lesson, when ema clanged to a hot TV series nowadays on CCTV, the monopoly domestic media, that China nowadays' authority, CCP, mainly got their fortune from being a soldier, so long history of the republic bragging worker, including soldier, and defames scientists as a group. but the world of citizen all animals, none left in the end of their lives, except scientists and knowledge they gathered. baby first refused to sleep alone me, amid his parents, but later did after quite some silent moment echoing my powerful comment.

OK, its time to bid farewell. my dear girls, Masheng, zhou, Taiwan girl, Lü and Jiang, i badly need ur love in this boring season. my road here seemingly leading me toward the girl in my once work unit, but my eyes wide open, my palace spaciously empty for u. i wide and bewilderingly searching u from the vast starry sky. closer to me, my God, my beloved!

From baby son's haircut&bath

playful baby on the snow heap.

From baby son's haircut&bath

baby rest amid the haircut.

From baby son's haircut&bath

DON'T itch me: baby in bath.

for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.

with my toys: baby in bath.
messy hair ends: baby having haircut.