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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Masheng returns, listening&acting upon

a snowing night.^last night my cellphone called me twice after i went to bed. i was remind the call of my secod wife, from Japanese Royal, Masheng. God sees our important moment in my growing Royal of China. Masheng, u know my girl zhou is a greatly merited girl, she is considerate and very noble. pl rid me worry of dirts upon her as well as my Royal, heal me the poison of insulting scene last night. u know the saint and purity of my Royal means much, u know the glory untouchable of God and his son's family in holy. u just my claim of my 3rd wife, my girl zhou's being my long time searched and waited Crowned Qreens of China, my life long wife. u know what my vision of my family life and the merits my beloved have. attend and kill dirts around my girl zhou, Masheng, u listen to me.

a bright day.^late sleep, got up till 12:34pm. dined out with beef pies and mutton soup near my office. its a starling bright day, i even sweated after the lunch. returned dorm&logged expense&events of recent. for the sunny, haunted outside again. join the Internet cafe, "New Millennium", in the aim to meet my girl zhou. a girl with an cheap ugly large ear ring there chat via qq, a Chinese main stream im, looks like my girl. felt sad upon the phenomena of my girl's not engaged with me. in night listening music via cellphone most of night, felt sad on bed. when i stood up&walked, the idea that my girl left QRRS and managed to support our coming life with her own startup struke me. i also felt the coldness among clerks in the local church, so i will pray to my God, my father, my second wife, my Sun, Masheng, as well as myself, more, like what i did before. its all day a bright day.

invite high rank to introduce me to my girl in QRRS' bachelor's treat but my girl absent there.^dreamed with baby's mom, emakingir, visiting my senior middle school alumni, playing Majiang till my hands dirted. then i left&woke up. in office refined family new accounts with amplify.com, till 12:20pm, returned to dorm to avoid dirts in office, where the 2 dogs first time lunch with fast food from the vendor i subscribed in office at noon. returned to office at 2:50pm, busy with claim family accounts with box.net, whose net disk service offers vanity url, a favortie of mine. settled after 5pm. sorted bookmarks&cared download. the company hosts a party for bachelor, and i was invited, so head on. its more than several years since last time i haunted the inner factory, where the newly built canteen just put into service. in the meeting i talked to the Zhou, a high rank in QRRS, to let him introduce me to my girl zhou, but he asserted my girl don't present, and said my girl zhou engaged already. after left the meeting, i walked alone the main road of QRRS to dorm, half way there is a man wild and bare his half chest and in fury while a tall girl very likes my girl zhou tried to pacify the man. i gazed awhile, doubting if my girl there, then left before the beast yelled to show aggressive. in dorm praying God his gift for me, my Royal of China, never changes, the saint and purity of my Queens, my girls, everbright in deepest sky. called baby&visit nearby church as God lets.

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