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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

  • 16:23 my first western style dinner: family haunted Golden Hans buffet. post.ly/DEAf #
  • 18:35 sorted&post photos&blog. sorted photos in office. publish them to my web albums&missing saluting to my girl in QRR.. htxt.it/l/WrMnEb #
  • 20:07 [GReader Share]超级电驴 MLDonkey 3.0.1 已发布 - j.mp/4Ozx1j #
  • 21:15 gamed most night. gamed and read awhile. a dog, an evil boy student of ema biting in the house. later tried new games. #
  • 09:34 dream of passed dad's task. got up with ema&baby son,but sleepy so doze d again. dreamed of passed dad, God of univ.. htxt.it/l/EMK8Ox #
  • 10:03 [GReader Share]使用U盘启动在任意机器上运行Chrome OS - j.mp/7JxfWN #
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