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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

retouched logo of my site, zhudajiu, for my hometown in the same title

Best regards,
benzradits first version finished years ago. after equipped with xara warez, and lots of fonts, i felt i can improve it with more stunning effect. this morning is a cloudy day in my hometown, where i had spent near a month in it. the task cost me 2 hours or more. i got 2 versions, with which i don't want missing any one. so i uploaded both new versions to my google sites and google groups. blogger.com and blogspot.com still being blocked within China under its surveillance, so i can't update my blogs on google blog portal with the new version.

ok, its a nice silent morning. only i worked in the front yard of my past dad's old house. villagers all busy in field, for rapeseed due to harvest. last night i taught my old mother a lesson, when she in anxious and tried to flatter neighbor wives to eat some shrimp my nephew gave to me. i don't allow others partake my food without my consent. no one in the world can put a finger print on the glory of my dad, or my Royal, under God's shine. later i chatted with my baby, warren zhu, the God of universe, and the hope of China, online. i tried to vendor some kid games on verycd.com but likely baby these days interests on pc games deceased. in the dawn i dreamed of tribes or minorities like Uygur,  and the problem to join them or merging them into mine. the unavoidable conflicts including the believes, let any changes hard to born. after woke up, i decided to stay in the faith of one world of God, the Mightiest and the only creator, who never has problem nor difficulty.

last time my baby urged me to return to Qiqihar, where my old social relation still in work. now i have no problem to stay here till end of August this year. its my time to live with Masheng, my second wife and the crowned Queen of my Empire. i also asked girl zhou and girl of Taiwan join my honeymoon this moment. i will see their houses in Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, prepared for me soon.

below is my works just finished.

logo v3 for site zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼 at http://zhu.be21zh.org
logo v2 for site zhudajiu朱大九——龙泉之眼  at http://groups.google.com/group/zhudajiu

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