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Monday, July 19, 2010

a boarder again, for the purity&sanity of my Royal of China.

returned to dorm of QRRS, my once long time employer, after baby was brought by his mom, emakingir to hospital for frequent heat, after sleepy morning on Jul 17th, lunar Jun 6th. God informs me baby don't need my struggle with his mom now for custody or better family education, but let it go in God's shine, and a due time period ahead when i will live with baby son closely without any dispute, in a much more affirmative environment. i launched to prepare a funny game on the notebook accompany him baby son asked last night, then left. baggage already prepared yesterday, likely by ema or her mother, likely just reminds me time to leave them alone. i had told ema that my heart never linger in her house a second, but my girls' ahead, back to a weeks ago when there is only us two in her house. baby attracted by those pc games i prepared for him, but soon he shown larger anticipations, or reserved time-space for larger events in the mission against the sins in nowadays China as well as the world as God, Father, sets. so its time for us each to concentrate our will power for the commence of new era, for the sunray of enlightenment, for the never seen glory of God's way.
i never felt enough for the moment gaming with baby son on pc, the moment we gathered. but best way to raise us against the sin and dirt from his mom's family, including ema herself, is to avoid it sooner. that's God's message in last night preach from a local church i visited after months apart for some sinful members' hostile against me there. God, protects me against all impotent seduce, let me in unshiftable faith in God, my dad&son, in trinity. i picked the package almost intact from my hometown journey, returned to QRRS' dorm by bus. in the weekends, i slept a lot, otherwise in deeper sorrow for my missing girls. i sat on the bench in the garden of the dorms' area, my sadness called clouds rich with raindrops. i sensed the weight of my sadness, which attracted quite some hostile among the community, but i knew more bliss ahead that my beloved girls can touch. God, i never missing ur blessing surrounding my girls, my Royal of China, that changes my vested land as well as other parts of the world far and long-reaching.
its again a Monday for which i put on my hope in the timeless lonely and sleepless sleeps. i know nothing in the world still nor lifeless, i know the eyes and pray among my girls. i need u, too, my best beloved. i need ur life, ur house so eager, that i see through the fragile blockage between us or the dark and our sovereign. i know God, and his promise upon my respectable ancestor, Emperor of Ming Dynasty, lasts today, the rich of my Royal, the harmony of peace and soul. i know u, a u and all u, there to pick me, or picked by me. i know party and timeless gathering prepared under the dome of glory of shrine&shine. i know that's definitely.
Bye, my dearest, this moment i also feeling sad. for some many time elapsed from our first impression. dearest, u know time to ignite it and last it forever. join me, just us, for the step for new kingdom and millennium is closer and fresher.


enjoy weekends after first work week in office.^update my albums on hexun&chinamobile's community. managed my family brand through search engines. it rains now outside. hope baby's growth shiny&harmony. left office till 6pm after d/l finished. sorted stuff from web&backup. baby's heat deceased but still weak, just gamed awhile with me on notebook while i enjoy the shooting game very much. slept earlier. this morning is sunny. baby watching animation.


left office near 6pm after d/l finished. gamed awhile with baby on notebook then he got heat again. his mom, emakingir, had him medicines. slept earlier. mistakenly regard today as Saturday. let d/l then dozed again. after baby&his mom remind my err, ema was called to join her school, let me cared baby awhile. soon the grandma arrived. God let me stay&played pc game with baby till his mom, emakingir returned&fetched him to hospital. i join office. the sinful grandma still cleaning house in her dirty daughter's house. the game attracted me a lot. baby wanted to try another old game.
drizzled at noon.^read in the morning. it turns dark&drizzled at noon. i enjoy fast food in office as usual. claimed company profile, zhuson.com with linkedin. glad to see weekend tomorrow, even baby's mom, emakingir urged me to leave her house several times recently. i also hardly bear her stupidity, esp that on baby's custody.


felt sins in baby's mom, emakingir on way to office.^last night left office near 6pm. gamed with baby on pc in night. ema brought baby showered, but she did firt while let play aside. this morning baby release a plenty urine. baby was sent to kindergarten. i was sleeping when ema brought her kids students returned. on way to office, felt the screaming sins in ema's heart. no matter how i treat her generously, she reckon a way to profit and profane. hatred ate my heart when i review baby and my situation. but after all, faith in God saves and improves we both intouchable above the sinful family of baby's mom's. sorted stuff first in office. browser, chrome, works faultlessly.
read most day.^read most feeds awaiting. dozed awhile in beginning of afternoon while d/l. commented a lot. collected some new science blogs' feeds. watched outside in rush time of QRRS but no clue where is my girl zhou once appeared as a QRRSer. praying for change sooner in China, as well as in my life, Royal of China.


tried to fix 2 windows.^since morning prepared clean os on a female colleague's pc, then my own notebook. China surveillance likely close watching&result in quite some abnormal behaviors amid fixing. hope time cost heals. my chrome at least less crash now. God sees.

From life as it extends
From life as it extends
From life as it extends

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

Benzrad, me, now again live in QRRS dorm.

another sky likely rains cats&dogs, but peace enjoy here in QRRS dorms.

life rolling, new or old? but at least heart praying is bleeding every moment for timeless love.

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