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Sunday, February 21, 2010

2nd snow before 2nd work day in lunar new year of 2010


a merely bright day.^got up around 7:12am. dozed again till 8:30am, visited office. read most of time after posted tweet. the facing man absent all afternoon, while the monitor soon joined, lingered most of period of noon break&biting heavily. i let download since noon, sorted portable&stuff newly got. chatted with a hometown folk, as well as baby's mom, emakingir on an article informative. baby&his mom offline all morning, but his mom explained they played with other things while didn't power on pc as usual in morning. the office place really a hell for me, for all male there in my view lifeless&sinful, and aggressive like dogs. so i visit neighbor office where there r some female, but the woman i talked with most, also graduated a year later than me, shown reservation those days upon my frequenting. a preach from radio of bible greatly enchanted me, let me see the untouchable glory of my dad, God, and the pride of my family that none can or able to compare. left office after 4pm as God lets, almost in last clue of sunshine, when dirt in office only left there death's chill. the canteen still down, so dined outside near my office, with a real Chinese meal, including meat, vegetables, soup, rice. a dog drove a car desperate bellowingly passed after me, crazy like wild dog. after returned to dorm, reviewing the behavior of the monitor in office, also felt really mad. not only him, a long time evil of a fat woman from the neighbor province of my hometown, Anhui, worked in the neighbor office as an editor of the company's newspaper, tried all means, including spits, toddle, loud sneeze, and all other abnormal behaviors, to warn me her evil&hurts against me. the office place not only a dead place, but also an ill place with all kinds of escapee from real madhouse. buzzed my kid brother who still in my hometown, urging him again to claim his family google accounts, till my cellphone ran out of power. the moon moisturizes with obscure halo, when i roamed outside again near 7pm, likely to snow this night. last time, about the night before yesterday, it also snowed after i buzzed my kid brother for the same good will suggestion. God, rid him off evil, as well as his family. he had to be independent, but for the sake of my passed dad's less education upon him while abundant in me, in the aging process of my dad, i pray, God, shed more lights in his heart, and fuller well-beings in his worldly life, let him enjoy the wonder of ur world, and learn to pray and be thankful in view of original.


first snow in lunar 2010.^last night buzzed kid brother to suggest him claiming his family google accounts. roamed outside near 6pm. visited office soon after got up. fine tuned family blogger blogs' posting format&layout, trying fix the problem that long posts broke sidebar's display. bathed in the sunshine near window for some time. then posted recent blog to my startup, be21zh.org's sites log. later listening radio of bible, &sorted stuff newly got from web. refined baby's mom, emakingir's qq profile with her consent. the monitor visited office just before i prepared to leave. dined the 3rd time in a restaurant on way to dorm with dumplings. cracked sunflower seeds, from baby's mom, emakingir's, in dorm to kill time, till 6:30pm. reviewed my love with my girl zhou, doubting where has our love proceeded. rest some time on bed, haunted outside at 7pm. bought food on back way&ate my second meal today. praying God new work week brings more pleasure of sight on my girl zhou. surfed on cellphone till 10pm.


a white day.^got up after 10am. visit office soon. posting&surfing. later chatted with nephew online via tinychat. tried some stuff newly got from web. backup a dvd. returned to dorm, dined with instant noodle. watched sex movies. elder sister buzzed in. dozed awhile till cops on ground floor fired crackers. haunted the Internet cafe, trying to find family members online, or my girl zhou in anonymous. don't find anyone in the cafe. check my posting&domain's accessibility. pains for my baby's mom, my kid brother, both cold shoulders to me. before went to bed, buzzed baby's mom, told baby's grandma want to see him online, so scheduled visiting her house tomorrow.

From our lunar new year of 2010

From our lunar new year of 2010

From our lunar new year of 2010

From our lunar new year of 2010

for google album blocked within China mainland, here some copies hosted domestically:

bright morning sunshine after 1st snow in lunar 2010. the retired high rank cadres' villas.

齐车公司彩车展。some floats from QRRS' subsidiary.

the 2nd dorm of QRRS. the red roof is a power station.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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