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Saturday, February 27, 2010

holiday gift before holy lunar Lantern Day.

got my blueteeth earphone before lunar Lantern Day.^got my first blueteeth earphone, while baby got my bonus from QRRS.^got up at 9am, went to baby's mom's home at once. there i synchronizes new data among 3 computers, installed new games for baby, tried some with baby. introduced new&handy tools, like google chrome extensions, to ema&urged her frequent them. lunched there with rice&fried meat. enjoyed some golden moment with baby son on my shoulders. then bought my blueteeth earphone&some blank dvds from computer market. tried new gadget in office, backup data to dvd. its all time a bright day.

God, my dad in Heaven, present in my dawn dream.^sound sleep till 8:24am. dreamed my passed dad, God, with my second elder brother, on a platform of stone&earth on our back hill, whose stone has been wealth the villagers dig from since my dad's lead, they talked about omen. visited office at once. a bright morning. the monitor soon entered&dropped a ¥100 bill but don't explain in what title. a visiting friend of the facing dog, was let by the evil to play online game in his seat, likely exactly a new plot to borrow new hooligans&thieves from dark society to challenge me. God, i got ur assurance last night that i can have a blueteeth earphone, and it complimented this bright morning. God, let me forever in Ur Spirit. also, pl don't let my first wife, girl Lü, now like in her senior middle school, or a collegian now, as well as girl Jiangyue, adrift from my love's hatch, but staying tune with my message in blog, and in God's shine, let them both closer to my arms. my baby son warrezh, Hope of China, also missing girl Lü, who is so able&cool minded, in a word, gifted by God. let us wired in a family sooner.
in office completed refining all family google profiles to include buzz, a google's new service aiming expanding its social networks penetration, and more detailed family sites interlinked. its really a great improvement benefited from google's ever-growing services. sorted portable&left after 2pm in thick chill. some cars ported near the entrance of the dorm, likely carried some equipments or furniture, but the workers soon disappeared in dorm before i can see out. watched movie, then listening music all time till left dorm near 4pm. fight with listening minds around of spying in beauty of music, and bright of sunshine outside. the office left to me alone there in the rest of work time. i busy enrich my local music collection with violin, viola,saxophone,symphony, and songs of 蔡依林, Jolin Tsai, whose performance video in a small audience i once occasionally watched online deeply touched me with her nature charms. the monitor creepily entered office near 6pm, likely half drunk, then chatted in im&cellphone, challenged me a lot but finally left within more than half of an hour. i left after 7pm, after got i need. the old woman in the restaurant turns guilty, tried to babble with me and stood dirty against me. bought some food as God lets in black kid sister grocery, saw a tall girl with a man join the shop soon. enjoyed the food in dorm. then fully listened all songs of Jolin just got, till 9:30 finished the rehearsal. the first song profoundly captured me, for the painful love, restless search for pure&perfect, deep faith of personal freedom, echoing what i read from her performance video i watched once, let me love her so much. i would forever support her with my resource.
also arranged tomorrow's agenda, ie. update baby's games list, present him the bonus i just got, borrow money from his mom, emakingir, to buy myself a blueteeth earphone. surfed via wap later then 11:30pm.

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